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The graduation selfie? No way, says Elk Grove High School

Ellen DeGeneres popularized it at the Oscars. Oxford Dictionary made it the hottest word of 2013. Now the trendiest pose, the selfie, has conquered graduation ceremonies. But school officials are not so enthusiastic. At Elk Grove High School, administrators temporarily withheld the diplomas of two graduates for taking selfies as they walked across the stage last Tuesday at the school’s graduation ceremony.
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University of Dreams matches college students to global internships

With thousands of college students searching for that perfect internship, securing one can feel impossible. Eric Lochtefeld, however, can often make it happen. Lochtefeld has built an $11.6 million company attracting students to some of the top internships around the globe. The average tuition paid by students and their families is $7,500 and more than 1,500 students participate in the program every year.
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Ubiquitous portable classrooms get green makeover

A San Francisco green modular building company is enhancing the look and feel of classrooms by making them more sustainable. Project Frog collaborates with various school districts and architects in delivering a fast, cost-effective approach to smart building. The firm develops ways to cut energy costs and hopes its designs are a model for how structures will be built in the future.
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